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C& Lesson One

C&, or more commonly, MOO, is a programming language that was invented (adapted?) by Pavel Curtis. It is the spiffiest of all things on Earth. For an example of a MOO, please visit: http://www.lisdude.com:8881/ or LambdaMOO telnet:lambda.moo.mud.org:8888

Anyway! Since I'm a very tired teacher, I'll explain the most simple verb I know. (if you don't know what a verb is, I'll tell you tomorrow.)


is replaced by whatever you want to tell. Most of the time, you would put player here. And message is just a message enclosed in quotation marks. Or a message with variables... but I'll explain that later as well.

player:tell("This is my first message. Woo.");

Anyway, that's all. If you need more explanation, comment. I'd like to improve my teaching methods. WE ALL LEARN HERE! ;)
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