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Setting Up your investigation team...

Setting Up Your Investigation Team
First you should determine the size of your team and match it up with the size of the place you are investigating. If you have 30 people on your team, you are not going to want all 30 members to go on an investigation to a house for example. Also if you are going to a place that is huge, for example a hospital site and ahead of time you have determined that there is lots of activity in certain areas and hardly any activity in others, you still want to split up your team members to try and cover the whole range of floors and rooms. Everyone is going to want to go to the areas with the most activity, so in order to help keep everyone happy, have it so that at a specific set time, you rotate your positions. Another thing to do would be to designate a leader or leaders for groups that are larger than 10 people that way everyone knows what their role is ahead of time.
Plan ahead of time where your equipment will be located. You aren't going to place all of your equipment in one room even if the one particular room is known to be active. You want to distribute your equipment as evenly as possible with more active areas taking priority but not taking up all the equipment at the same time. So for example, you may want to get some baseline EMF readings in active rooms, and use a recorder. In a less active area you may want to try using a compass, and tape recorder etc. Or you can even rotate the use of the equipment at certain intervals. Just use your common sense here.
It is also more productive to send small groups of 3 or 4 to areas and mix them up as much as possible. Although it's nice to let friends go with other friends, sometimes this is counter productive so if you notice this to be the case, split them up
A few weeks after the initial investigation you should hold a post investigation meeting. During this, you can go over the film that the individual members had developed, tape recordings, EMF results and anything else that you have.
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