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What Raw Wednesday Means

I was going to post this in my journal, but I realized it's educational. So it goes here;)

opticonite and I have started Raw Wednesday.

This is what it means.

* * *

Raw means nothing frozen, and nothing heated above 106F.

No frozen vegetables. No frozen drinks. No frozen fruits. Nothing frozen.

No coffee. No tea. No cigarettes.

Nothing pasteurized. The pasteurization process heats the product to more than 140F, thus killing most of the nutrition. This means no commercial fruit juices, no commercial wine, no commercial dairy. All of these things are pasteurized. Be careful when picking out honey; it is often pasteurized. Look for 'raw, unfiltered'.

Alcohol is very easy to make. So is yoghurt, which brings the milk to life again.

Only cold-pressed oils.

No refined sugar. Raw sugar is okay.

No refined flour. No breads.

No chocolate. No flash-dehydrated herbs. Nothing in tins.

No canned tuna. No anchovies. Nothing in tins.

Pickled things, if not heat-sealed or boiled in the brine, should be okay.

No gum. No candy. No cookies.

No cereals. No chips. No crackers.

I think my point is: Don't assume that just because you haven't heated it yourself, it's raw. Most things in this country are not raw. The FDA doesn't like raw.

MC doesn't like the FDA.

Hardest exclusions for MC: Coffee, tea, chocolate. Pasteurized vinegars and heat-processed olive oils. Semi-cooked eggs. Baked garlic. Canned tuna. All dairy.
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